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Episode 3 –  Time to Turn Over a New Leaf!

Today, Matt Halloran and Danielle Howard discuss the importance of turning over a new leaf and making a fresh start, financially.

When the recession hit in 2007, retirees worldwide had a hard time getting back on their feet. Still shaken, many retirees and pre-retirees are making fear-based decisions that are only holding them back. In this episode, Danielle gently challenges those behaviors and emphasizes that we’re in a new season life now. It’s time to turn over a new leaf and redefine what retirement looks like. It’s also time to toss out the word “retirement” and take on an updated and more accurate view of this life phase—it’s a time for rewiring and growth.

Tune in as Danielle discusses how you can embrace this season of your life and turn over a new leaf.


Episode 2 – Down to Earth

In today’s episode, Danielle Howard discusses her financial philosophy with Matt Halloran. Perceptive as always, Danielle reveals the often unspoken ways in which people interact with and view money. Then, she describes the financial seasons we all experience, along with the three financial hurdles—discomfort, discontent, and distrust.

Tune in and learn about Danielle’s down-to-earth approach to financial planning and how our relationships with ourselves, others, and finances are all interconnected.

Wealth By Design


Episode 1 – Introduction to Danielle Howard

Welcome to the first episode of the Wealth Done Differently – Retirement Podcast. In this episode, you’ll meet your host, Danielle Howard, a Colorado-based CFP® who specializes in retirement planning.   

Danielle refers to retirement as the “fall season” of people’s lives. It’s a time to rewire and put all the financial puzzle pieces together. It’s a journey that Danielle guides her clients through with empathy and passion.

Tune into and learn more about Danielle as she describes the heart of her practice and what it means to achieve true prosperity.