Episode 16- Financial Affirmations Part 2 – Sharing Financial Resources with Moxie and Momentum

The mindset many people have around giving can sometimes diminish the significance of generosity. Oftentimes, we give without having a sense of why we do it or why we share our resources with certain organizations.

Today, Danielle Howard is here to help you shift your thoughts around giving, allowing you to truly experience the joy of sharing with others.

In part 2 of Danielle’s four-part financial affirmations mini-series, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to share your resources with moxie
  • Why making sharing a priority can bring more happiness to your life
  • The importance of starting conversations around the ways we share our financial resources
  • The tools you can use to share your resources according to your financial goals
  • The role taxes play when you make charitable donations
  • And more!

Tune in now to join Danielle in creating new conversations around generosity and the mindset of abundance!

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Episode 15- Financial Affirmations Part 1 – Bringing Money into your Life with Integrity, Dignity, and Grace

Danielle Howard is determined to change the way people see retirement. Our media and financial services industry have led us down a path where our mindset around retirement often creates feelings of guilt and shame. Now, Danielle’s working to change those negative money mindsets through financial affirmations!

In this first part of Danielle’s Financial Affirmations mini-series, Danielle explores how you can bring money into your life with integrity, dignity, competency, grace and joy. Danielle discusses:

  • What positive affirmations are
  • Why the way you bring money into your life can impact your success
  • How to remove the negativity around your retirement
  • How to start redefining yourself in your Fall season
  • How Danielle has applied positive affirmations in her own journey
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn how to turn up the volume of your positive affirmations, so you can reach a more fulfilled retirement!

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Episode 14- Spreading SDT in Your Golden Years

Our culture, media, and financial industry are constantly telling us what our retirement season should look like. You may even feel ashamed or resentful if your retirement lifestyle seems like a far cry from their idealistic messages.

That’s where Self Determination Theory (SDT) comes in. In this episode, Danielle Howard explains how retirees can use SDT to find meaning in their fall season, rather than becoming entangled in the fear of missing out. Danielle discusses:

  • What SDT is and three innate psychological needs it encompasses
  • Why having SDT and an abundance mindset go hand in hand
  • The characteristics of SDT and how to implement it in your life
  • How SDT can help you feel in charge of your financial outcomes
  • And more!

Join Danielle now and learn how you can cultivate a meaningful retirement season with SDT!

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Episode 13 –  When Financial Goals Aren’t Enough

Financial advisors typically focus on helping clients set goals. It’s easy to see why — it’s fun for clients to check off their accomplished goals, and it’s rewarding for advisors to help clients reach their milestones.

However, Danielle Howard believes that goal setting isn’t enough.

In this episode, Danielle explains why dealing with life transitions is where the true financial life planning happens. She discusses:

  • Why advisors do their clients a disservice by only focusing on the fun aspects of life
  • How planning for transitions differs from goal setting
  • Life transitions people might not consider when envisioning their retirement
  • Which character assets bolster people the most during times of change

Join Danielle now and learn how you can start planning for whatever life throws your way!

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Episode 12 –  How to Flourish Emotionally During Your Rewirement: Part 2

In part two of her mini-series on how to flourish during retirement, Danielle Howard explores the different ways that you can blossom emotionally during this fall season of life.

Here’s what you will learn about in this episode:

  • Five core elements of psychological well-being and happiness in Dr. Martin Seligman’s PERMA model
  • The transformative impact of embracing an attitude of gratitude around our finances
  • What it means to find moments of engagement in your fall season
  • How to foster relationships through the changes of retirement
  • And how to find sources of personal accomplishment

Join Danielle now and learn how you can achieve a balanced financial and emotional rewirement.

Resources: How to Flourish Financially During Your Rewirement: Part 1 | PERMA Model | DanielleHoward4u.com | WealthByDesign4u.com

Episode 11 – How to Flourish Financially During Your Rewirement: Part 1

In part one of her mini-series, Danielle Howard explains how you can prepare for the distribution season of your life so that you can flourish financially.

Here’s what you will learn about in this episode:

  • Longevity ambiguity: how to avoid running out of money before running out of life
  • Preparing for spending shocks, such as the loss of a spouse or unforeseen healthcare expenses
  • Finding your ‘why’: why do you want to flourish financially during your rewirement?
  • What to consider once you’ve found your ‘why’
  • Recommendations for talking to aging parents about their financial lives.
  • And more!

Join Danielle now as she walks you through areas of your life to address while preparing for your distribution season!

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Episode 10 – It’s Time to Explore the Quantitative and Qualitative Risks of Your Fall Season

Imagine transitioning into your fall season of life—in other words, your retirement phase. What type of risk might you experience?

In today’s episode, Danielle Howard explores that very question as she discusses the areas of risk that tend to come with life’s fall season.

Covering everything from market risk to longevity risk, Danielle explores the qualitative and quantitative sides of retirement risk, while highlighting the importance of rewiring or refiring as you enter your retirement years.

Join Danielle and learn about the conversations you should be having with yourself and your loved ones to ensure you’re prepared for the uncertainties that come with the retirement journey.

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Episode 9 – How to Find Balance Using the Four Money Personalities

Following up on the previous episode, Danielle Howard digs even deeper into the four money personalities: fire, earth, water, and air. It’s important to realize your financial personality because of its impacts on all areas of life, including your career choice, who you choose to spend your life with, and whether that relationship will endure or end.

How might your money personality shape your life course? What strengths and challenges come with each personality? Danielle has the answers in this episode.

Listen now to learn how you can use the challenges and opportunities of your money personality to find balance not only in yourself, but also with others—including your financial advisor.


Episode 8: The Strengths and Challenges of the Four Money Personalities | WealthByDesign4u.com DanielleHoward4u.com

Episode 8 – The Strengths and Challenges of the Four Money Personalities

Everyone has a financial personality. In fact, we’re likely to have a blend of four financial personalities. Once you start to recognize them, you can gain deeper insight into who you are financially. And you’ll start to better understand those around you.

Using the four elements of earth, fire, wind and water, Danielle Howard outlines the strengths and attitudes of each unique personality, along with the challenges and obstacles that can negatively affect each personality and their financial health.

Tune in to this week’s podcast now to find out which of the four financial personalities you connect with the most.

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Episode 7 – Beware of these Weeds in Your Financial Life

Feelings of entitlement and unforgiveness can stop us from reaching our full potential in our financial lives. Danielle Howard likens these feelings to weeds, which tend to consume anything good that we’re trying to grow.

In this episode, Danielle explores how these weeds might be influencing our quality of life, including our financial health, in ways we never realized. Astute and empathetic as ever, she also shares her own experience with unforgiveness and suggests how we can stop those weed-like feelings in their tracks.

Tune in as Danielle shines a light on the importance of understanding the emotions and attitudes that influence your relationship with money.

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