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Episode 23 — Live by Your Values and the Beauty of Enoughness — With Guest Lynne Twist

How do your values flow through your everyday life?

Today, Lynne Twist joins Danielle Howard for an eye-opening episode on the power of integrating your values and intentions into all areas of your life.

A recognized global visionary who works to alleviate poverty, end world hunger, and support social justice and environmental sustainability, Lynne shares how she finds deeper fulfillment by living her life according to her values, not monetary things.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Lynne’s life-changing meeting with Mother Teresa
  • How Lynne’s story shaped the trajectory of Danielle’s work
  • What it means to live in the beauty of enoughness during retirement
  • How to prepare the future generation through continuity
  • And more!

Join Lynne and Danielle now for a moving episode on how we can re-center our lives through our intentions and values.

Resources: | | Danielle’s 8 Week E-Course | The Soul of Money | Pachamama Alliance | Nobel Women’s Initiative


Episode 22 — Uncovering Your Next Best Self — With Guest Donna Lee Humble

When was the last time you focused on taking care of you?

Joined by Donna Lee Humble, a certified holistic wellness coach specializing in bioenergetic testing and emotional release, Danielle Howard discusses how women can uncover their best self using Donna’s three Rs from her Higher Self-Care Series.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of rebalancing and how it affects all areas of our lives
  • Real life examples of women’s transformations after moving through the three Rs
  • How often you should rebalance, reframe, and release emotions
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed with emotion
  • How Donna’s three Rs also apply to our financial lives
  • And more!

Join Danielle and Donna now to learn how to use rebalance, reframe, and release emotions for a better you!

Resources: | | Danielle’s 8 Week E-Course | Donna Lee Humble’s Website | Emotional Release Guide