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Episode 28 — Know Your Rights With Your Financial Advisor

Many clients don’t know what to expect when meeting up with their financial professional and simply go along with what they’re told.

However, Danielle Howard wants you to get the most out of your client-advisor relationship.

Today, Danielle breaks down the rights clients have when working with an advisor, along with the qualities to look for and the questions you should ask to find an advisor who’s the right fit for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why your advisor should make you feel accepted, heard, and free of judgment
  • The importance of understanding how your advisor is licensed, registered, and compensated
  • Why your relationship with your advisor should be an ongoing one
  • The rights advisors have when it comes to their clients
  • And more!

Listen now to learn what you should expect from your advisor as they help guide you towards uncovering your next best self for your fall season of life.

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