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Episode 7 – Beware of these Weeds in Your Financial Life

Feelings of entitlement and unforgiveness can stop us from reaching our full potential in our financial lives. Danielle Howard likens these feelings to weeds, which tend to consume anything good that we’re trying to grow.

In this episode, Danielle explores how these weeds might be influencing our quality of life, including our financial health, in ways we never realized. Astute and empathetic as ever, she also shares her own experience with unforgiveness and suggests how we can stop those weed-like feelings in their tracks.

Tune in as Danielle shines a light on the importance of understanding the emotions and attitudes that influence your relationship with money.

Danielle Howard 4U | Wealth By Design 4U



Episode 6 –  What are Money Scripts? Learn How to Identify Them and Why They Matter

Money is just a tool. It doesn’t have a character, but sometimes our attitudes and feelings about money seem to take on a life of their own, leading us in directions that don’t serve us.

On the other hand, our attitude and feelings towards money may help us live according to our values.

In this episode, Danielle Howard unpacks a concept called “money scripts.” Money scripts form in our minds over a lifetime. They’re like tapes that constantly play in our brains, reciting our notions and feelings about money.

Danielle teaches you how to identify your own money scripts, including which questions to ask yourself, what to do about these scripts, and then she explains why this self-awareness is especially important for pre-retirees and retirees.

Tune in as Danielle shares her own experiences and guides you towards a clearer understanding of your money scripts.


Danielle Howard 4U| Wealth By Design 4U