Episode 14- Spreading SDT in Your Golden Years

Our culture, media, and financial industry are constantly telling us what our retirement season should look like. You may even feel ashamed or resentful if your retirement lifestyle seems like a far cry from their idealistic messages.

That’s where Self Determination Theory (SDT) comes in. In this episode, Danielle Howard explains how retirees can use SDT to find meaning in their fall season, rather than becoming entangled in the fear of missing out. Danielle discusses:

  • What SDT is and three innate psychological needs it encompasses
  • Why having SDT and an abundance mindset go hand in hand
  • The characteristics of SDT and how to implement it in your life
  • How SDT can help you feel in charge of your financial outcomes
  • And more!

Join Danielle now and learn how you can cultivate a meaningful retirement season with SDT!

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